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The Radio A class is the largest and most majestic of all the main stream radio controlled yachts sailed and raced in this country. The design dates back to the nineteen twenties when the boats wouldra nationals have been sailed free or later on with basic vane gear. The modern designs have used the changes in materials and equipment to produce lighter and faster yachts. The size can be up to around two meters long with a mast up to two and a half meters. Each hull has to be measured and the draft and weight recorded before the sails area can be worked out and made.

The A class is also sailed as a vane yacht using automatic wind controlled steering. There will more detail in another post.

 There are many competitive designs available from the various designers around the country and further a field. One of the most popular is the Sweet built lightning R Walshby Peter Wiles one of the worlds top RA skippers. The Sweet has evolved from a design produced for Peter by the extremely talented Roger Stollery. The design is always at the top of the score sheet with many of Peters developments making their way into the hand made boats he sells.


Graham Bantock possibly the finest Model Yacht designer in the world produces some of the fastest yachts around. He sails a Sword that is one of the top designs available today. Where ever you look you will find a GB designed boat. Other RA designs from his drawing board are the Frigate and the Destroyer that has had improvements over the Frigate.


GB's lighter Sword
GB’s lighter Sword


Currently there is only one club sailing RA’s in the Midlands and that is Bournville MY&PBC. Most are sailed as vane boats, however there is a few skippers that travel around the country sailing at PRACC events for RA’s. With the increase of interest in this class we would like to build the midland fleet up to enough to run a MD series during the year. The biggest hurdle is many people have not seem them on the water, and have no idea where to find information and help when interested. To help you find information I will try to steer you in the right direction.

By joining the MYA ( http://www.mya-uk.org.uk/) will receive a year book that has the details of clubs around the country that races RA’S, there may be one in your area . My advise is contact the club and find out when they race. Go along and see them, I am sure the skippers would be very happy for you to have a go in between race and answer any questions you may have. Make sure you are aware of the size of the boat for transporting as they may not fit into all cars easily.


If you wanted a second hand boat then you can go to the MYA “for sale” page where you will usually find a few RA’s available. Second hand boats can still be competitive as they conform to the same formula as new one but may need a little TLC and maybe new sails to bring them up to speed. New boats are available from various people around the country. Some may be commercial companies and some may be private designers that only build a few a year.

Peter Wiles produces the SWEET design (http://www.pjsails.co.uk/) which is on of the most popular yachts around today. A lot of the SWEET 9 peter wiles 59 comptop skippers sail various versions of this competitive yacht including the latest Sweet 9. (shown left)



Graham Bantock   undeniably one of the worlds most prolific designers and winners also produces a few designs of A boat’s. The sword bantock compSword (shown Left) the design he sails himself , the Frigate and the an update to the Frigate called the Destroyer. Detail can be found from his web site linked here:   http://www.sailsetc.com/



David Munro has been instrumental in the introduction of the Australian designed Venom into the UK. He has the UK licence build them and would be happy David delivering my Venomto discuss your requirements further. I will vouch for the quality of his boats as I have recently taken ownership of the one in the photo (88). David can be contacted by email at:   warehamdave@hotmail.co.uk




Wirral Marine Trevor Jenkins produces and sell two designs 0f RA. The Privateer a modified GB Sword  (shown privateerLeft) and the Venom  The link will take you to the company web site:   http://www.wirralmarine.co.uk/index.html 





There are other designers that make boats but not for the mass market. If you visit one of the many PRACC events you can speak to owners and designers that attend to pick up useful info.


If you can offer me more info about boat designs and designers I would be pleased to update this page with you info. Just email me at: laser173@btopenworld.net


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