Designed by Jeff Byerley – Built by CM Yachts

The MAD MAX is the latest design from the Australian company Mirage Radio Yachts headed by Jeff Byerley. Jeff is one of Australia’s premier radio yacht designers and skipper having had so much success with the cockatoo and its various updated versions, as well as the Xtreme IOM.

Jeff has the knowledge and skill to not only to design very competitive boats using the MaxSurf design program but is equally able to test the design and evaluate it as a racer. The first win came at the hands of Paul Jones in the NSW Grand Prix holding off the current and past World Champions Brad Gibson and Craig Smith. 

photo from CM YACHTS


The main design features are a narrow waterline beam and a squared off narrow stern section and a moderate beam section at deck level. This shape has been proved to sail hard in all conditions, with testing in high winds and light airs proving the MAD MAX to be “The Contender Worldwide”. 

photo from CM YACHTS


Where can I buy a MAD MAX


Mike Clifton one of this countries premier builders and suppliers, has the licence to produce the MAD MAX in the UK. Mike has built up his reputation for excellent build quality making the Cockatoo (another Byerley design) and the Stealth designed by Trevor Bamford. I have personally found Mike to be extremely helpful when asked for help and assistance, with every thing needed for sailing supplied usually next day at reasonable cost. Sailing in the midlands I see the standard of construction of CM yachts and they are built to the highest standard. 

The specification of the CM – MAD MAX is as follows: 

The hull and deck is constructed with SP Ampreg Pregel, gelcoat with added pigment to the colour of your choice. Sicomin Epoxy unpigmented with one lamination of 200g E glass twill weave cloth and one of 165g, with localised reinforcing at high stress points. 

photo from CM YACHTS

The deck is constructed of 2 layers of the same 165g cloth with localised reinforcing. A special glass-epoxy fin and mast box is used allowing easy adjustment of the mast rake. The Mad Max is paired with top quality carbon fin and rudder.

More information can be found by contacting Mike Clifton at CM Yachts at:


Or by telephone on:


Mad Max (51) owned by Dave Cox - photo Gsa

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