February 3, 2015

If you have not seen the excellent You Tube video made by Brad Gibson on how to make a foam boat plug. It shows step by step information making it look “easy”.

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Rig Box Supplier

July 20, 2014
Rig Box closed

Rig Box by Richard Uttley

Open box showing the internal elastic ties

Open box showing the internal elastic ties

Rig Boxes by Richard Uttley


After a long search I was contacted by Richard offering one of his Rig Boxes. The box comes either varnished or not and fully fitted out with all the clips and elastic strapping that is needed to keep your IOM rigs and sails fully secure and safe when not being used.

Email Richard (email address above) for a quote and to discuss any changes you may want doing.


Box with full IOM rigs secured and ready to travel

Box with full IOM rigs secured and ready to travel


“Meinz a Cheinz” the name of my new boat

July 20, 2014

After what seems like a life time I have finally taken delivery of a Cheinz IOM from Mike Clifton at CM Yachts near Bedford. My first impressions are that a lot of hard work has gone into the hull by one of the Worlds top hull moulder Phil Playle. The attention to detail is excellent with even the shroud points on the deck have been sealed in the colour of the deck to make the hull water tight. I have heard that Phil s hulls are well sealed thus keeping out water.

I have now to get the boat ready for measurement in the next week to make sure it is all within class rules. I know a man that will make sure everything conforms to the IOM class rules.

Over the next few weeks and maybe months I will try to document my trials and tribulation in learning how to trim and sail this modern competitive yacht.

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May 13, 2014

I have removed my personal post on purchasing an IOM from this blog site. I never set out to cause upset or offense and now except that it may not have been received in the way it was written.



Discourage the BULLIES at your lake

February 14, 2014


The MYA should be applauded for adopting the RYA Racing Charter covering behavior at the lake. The Chairman is acting to reduce the Minority of bullies and win by all means mentality by encouraging the main principles of the sport. Sportsmanship is the main principle and is followed by the majority of skippers, however “some” will argue black is white disregarding the rules and get away with it, as they know that people don’t like standing up to the loud bully.

All clubs should adopt the racing charter and enforce it for the benefit of the majority. This will encourage more enjoyable racing and help maintain a healthy club membership.

Click Below for the RYA Racing Charter.RYA Racing charter


Scottish built “Titan Winches”

November 8, 2013

titan logo


At last there is a new sail winch suitable for IOM’s and Radio A’s that is tough and a reasonable price. The winch is sealed a water tight case to protect against the yacht racers main enemy Water. The system uses the latest digital controllers and hard wearing gearing. At under £100 it may be a good replacement for more expensive winches as well as cheap nasty one’s For more information on this Winch Contact Gordon or Brent Allison by clicking on the link to their web site

titan winch


What IOM Designs are available Nov 2013

November 7, 2013

With the winning ways of the BritPop designed by Brad Gibson and produced by 2 builder around the world (there could be more) the demand for new designs that can compete equally with the Bp. This can cause a bit of frustration for skippers wanting to purchase a new boat with waiting lists of up to a year and beyond. Whilst this is good for the builders and designers it is not necessarily a good thing for the skipper wanting to replace a boat and maybe the sport.

I myself have been trying to buy an IOM for the last 2 years with little success, this prompted me to find out where and what is available in the UK and beyond. The first problem is as soon as a boat does well the builder is swamped with orders.

britpop The BritPop. Designed by Brad Gibson – photo GsA


Currently this is the worlds most sought after IOM design. Since it’s conception the BP has never faulted in its competitiveness. It has been instrumental in the winning of the IOM world championship over the last 3 events, plus finishing in the top place at “nearly” all Europe events  and around the world. There are currently 3 licensed builders around the world. Follow this LINK for more information.


Cheinz IOM

The Cheinz IOM designed by Jeff Byerley Mirage Yachts Australia photo D ackroyd

The Cheinz IOm made a big splash at the IOM worlds. Carrying similar design traits of the BritPop this design made an impression after having a good series of racing both at the 2011 IOM worlds and afterwards around the world. The boat is available direct from Mirage Yachts Austraila with a lead time of approx 5-6 months. CM Yachts in the UK also build the CHEINZ with a lead time of about 10 months. Follow this LINK FOR Mirage Yachts and for CM yachts UK



 The KANTUN S is a next generation development of the KANTUN . The name comes from the Croatian word for a Chine and the S is for soft. So it is a Soft Chine.Boats made in Croatia are molded by Robert Grubiša and tuned by Zvonko Jelačić and have a turn around time of 5 months. Interestingly this boat is available with the Jelacic 3D Monofilm sails that are the first heatformed sails I believe to be commercially available. For full details on this new design click HERE


Shiraz Ian 6

British designer John Taylor has come up with this chine based design in an attempt to compete against the Britpop and other slim designs on the lake now. The design is doing well in the right hands. The waiting list is around 3-4 months but remember this could change as it gains popularity. The boat is currently being built by Damian Ackroyd and is great value for money if you look at the asking price. More details HERE